Pubdate: Wed, 25 Apr 2001
Source: Record-Courier (NV)
Copyright: 2001, 
Author: Ray Aldridge



I read with amusement Bob Chylak's letter, written in response to a
sensible letter from Robert Sharp, who believes that law enforcement is
part of our nation's drug problem. 

It's always fun to watch a prohibitionist shoot himself in the foot.
Take this shining example by Mr. Chylak: "The incorrigible alcoholics
deserve to be behind bars if they break a law. So should a drug user." 

Odd that it didn't occur to Mr. Chylak that there's no law against being
an incorrigible alcoholic. Drug users, incorrigible or not, would
probably be well content to have the same treatment under the law. 

If Mr. Chylak is so convinced that law enforcement is the way to deal
with drug abuse, then perhaps he can tell us why we still have so much
drug abuse after 30 years of increasing legal penalties, increasing
arrest rates and increasing law enforcement budgets. When can we expect
his approach to the problem to start paying off? 

Ray Aldridge, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla
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