Pubdate: Thu, 17 May 2001
Source: New Times (CA)
Copyright: 2001 New Times
Author: Steve Kubby


A man sees another man drowning and steals a boat to rescue him.  What 
should happen to the man who stole the boat?  Does saving someone's life 
justify such lawlessness?  For centuries, common law has upheld the right 
to break a law, in order to protect human life.

Now consider this: A cooperative of patients provides another patient, who 
faces impending death  with a healing herb that is legal within that state, 
with all parties holding the sincere conviction that it will provide 
medical relief.  Does saving a patient's life justify a cooperative of 
patients in breaking Federal law?  According to the Supreme Court, it does not.

Conclusion:  You can break the law to help someone, but if marijuana is 
involved you can't even pass a state law that allows you to help save a 
life.  Federal law supercedes, or so this Supreme Court would have us believe.

Apparently the Supreme Court believes that it, not the People, should 
decide what plants we may use, what herbs we may take, or who can be President.

Steve Kubby, B.C., Canada
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