Pubdate: Tue, 22 May 2001
Source: Daily Times, The (MD)
Copyright: 2001 The Daily Times
Author: Joe Hopwood


Perhaps I gave the U. S. Supreme Court more credit than deserved as I 
expected them to go with the facts and find pot not guilty.  In 1937 Harry 
Anslinger convinced Congress that pot was a date rape drug that led to 
Communism - over the objections of the AMA.  Anslinger was a cop not a 
doctor of medicine.  Are they still that ignorant in Washington?

For centuries marihuana has been grown for its medicinal properties and was 
in the U.S. Materia Medica until WW II and in the British Materia Medica 
until 1972 and is still used worldwide as a medicine, and damn the  DEA.

Of course, rape and Communism are sins in our society and to prevent the 
rape of our mothers, aunts and sisters and their eventual Communization we 
will go to any limit.  In 1937 Congress decided that the best way to 
control public morality was to jail drug addicts and users.  Last year we 
arrested 1.6 million American citizens just for pot possession.  In our 
times we unjustly jail the meek and humble by the millions, if they are 
black.  We deny kids caught with drugs an education, (zero tolerance and 
all that junk.) We make the poor homeless if we catch them using drugs.  In 
addition, we will make war, [kill the bastards,] on nations that disagree 
with us.  How can we dare think of our country as the moral leader of the 
free world?

I am sorry to say that I shall always remember this decision for its 
arrogant disregard of the facts, its mean spirited withholding of justice 
for the sick and dying and its upholding of a hollow morality that cloaks 
enormous injustice in the face of urgent demands of freedom and liberty 
from our people.

Jos E. Hopwood Quantico, MD
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