Pubdate: Thu, 24 May 2001
Source: Reno Gazette-Journal (NV)
Copyright: 2001 Reno Gazette-Journal
Author: Ron Smith
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I am having a hard time believing that our "elected officials" would
dare to ignore the will of the voters! In regard to the Medical
Marijuana Bill, it seems that our legislators are trying to ignore it in
hopes that it will just go away. The only thing that will eventually "go
away" will be those legislators who feel their (uninformed) opinions are
more important than the people they represent.

When is our government going to realize that it is they who are creating
the problems? What is the big deal about marijuana for medicinal
reasons? The only reason marijuana is illegal, is because some
misinformed person, somewhere, said it was. Naturally occurring
medicinal plants might be the answer to many of the illnesses in the
world. Marijuana may be one of the greatest medical (re-) discoveries of
recent time.

Quit making criminals of the common working class who are just trying to
relieve the pain or uncomfortableness of a disease. Do what you are put
there to do: the will of the people!

Ron Smith, Reno (via e-mail)
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