Pubdate: Fri,  1 Jun 2001
Source: Denver Post (CO)
Copyright: 2001 The Denver Post Corp
Author: Matthew Hine
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The Supreme Court decision does not invalidate the Colorado law relating
to medical cannibis. By passing Amendment 20, Colorado voters directed
the legislature to rewrite statutes to decriminalize the growing and
possession of small amounts of cannibis by particular individuals. 

As a result, patients who have been placed on the medical marijuana
patient registry are afforded an "affirmative defense" to prosecution
under state marijuana laws. The Colorado statute does not address
distribution provisions. 

If a patient were to arrive at either a FBI office or a local police
station and give marijuana to an officer, the officer would be obliged
to arrest, and the patient would be prosecuted. Distribution of
marijuana remains illegal under both state and federal law. 

Matthew Hine, Denver 

Editor's note: Colorado's medical marijuana law goes into effect
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