Pubdate: Sat, 02 Jun 2001
Source: Kansas City Star (MO)
Copyright: 2001 The Kansas City Star
Author: Mary Jo Mayer
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As one who has had my life restored because of this drug, I was grateful 
for the informed letter about Oxycontin from Robert Twillman (5/28).

There has been a great deal of press of late on the "120 deaths" attributed 
to the abuse of this drug. While my heart goes out to those who have lost 
loved ones to the abuse of this drug, it would be this drug or any other 
that comes down the pike.

Where are the stories of the millions who have had their lives handed back 
to them because of the benefits of this drug? Do we ban a drug simply 
because some abuse it? Then let's get started with banning alcohol, 
cigarettes and over the counter drugs, which are the cause of far more 
deaths each year than can be attributed to Oxycontin abuse.

Many of us live our lives with chronic pain every day. Let's keep things in 
perspective. It's not the drug, it's the abusers who kill themselves. This 
drug, like so many others when taken as prescribed, is beneficial, not 

Mary Jo Mayer

Kansas City
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