Pubdate: Fri,  1 Jun 2001
Source: Sonoma Index-Tribune (CA)
Copyright: 2001 Sonoma Valley Publishing
Author: Alan Hanson
Bookmark: (Decrim/Legalization)


Editor, Index-Tribune: David R. Ford, as always, writes a very
informative letter. Mr. Ford wrote in part, "About 99 percent of all
marijuana arrests in the nation are made by state and local (not
federal) officials. Therefore, properly worded state laws can
effectively protect 99 out of every 100 medical marijuana users." It is
astounding that sick people need protection from our federal government. 

This reminds me of a high school outing to our state Capitol to hear
Ronald Reagan speak. 

At the time, homosexuality was a psychiatric illness, and part of Mr.
Reagan's speech was defending putting gays into prison for basically
minding their own business. I remember one young man asking Mr. Reagan
if there were any other illnesses he wanted people put in prison for

I believe that in the future our ancestors will look back at us like we
look back at things like slavery, alcohol prohibition, racism and
sexism. They will not see enlightenment but that we are living in a dark

One must also wonder about law-enforcement individuals who participate
in enforcing these unjust and un-American laws against people who use

Again Mr. Ford comes to our rescue and explains that it is profitable to
do so. This shows the moral bankruptcy of our "leaders." 

Alan Hanson
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