Pubdate: Sun, 03 Jun 2001
Source: Morning News of Northwest Arkansas (AR)
Copyright: 2001, Donrey Media Group
Author: Chris Matlock


Felony this, felony that. Our current legal system has fabricated too
many felonies.

Our prisons are filled disproportionately with non-violent criminals.
The only people that should be behind bars are those that cause crimes
against humanity. Specifically, fabricated felonies for drug users or
makers should be dropped or be nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

What the laws against drug users and makers actually boil down to are
basically morality issues. Morality is subjective. Actually, I
consider drug use to be amoral, not immoral.

No, I'm not advocating drug making or drug use, but it's plain to see
harsher punishment, fabricated just because society doesn't think it's
right, is wrong. If Joe Q. Public wants to abuse drugs and himself, so
what? It's not currently against the law to be an idiot. Some states
have laws that forbid people from jumping off railroad tracks over
rivers, It doesn't stop the people from taking their lives in their
own hands. I really believe that the only reason we don't currently
have a felony law against suicide is because you just can't punish the
person after the act.

What's the difference between making, selling, and transporting
alcohol as compared to doing the same With marijuana? Absolutely
nothing. They both impair the user. In fact, probably more people and
families have been hurt by the use or abuse of alcohol than by marijuana.

So you might think crack cocaine, methamphetamine or other illicit
drugs need a harsher sentence than marijuana. No, these drugs might
hurt the user and or their family quicker, but who cares? It's still
their problem.

Why should the public that doesn't use or abuse drugs be forced to pay
for the people that do? Our growing prison population is costing the
public too much money, Granted, if a person on drugs hurts another,
then that person on drugs should go to jail.

Also, what exactly is the precursor or who is responsible for the
making of the drugs? If a drug is deemed illegal, then should the
material for making the drug be sold at a store near you? Wouldn't the
store be partly responsible?

Let's stop wasting money trying to keep people from hurting

Chris Matlock

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