Pubdate: Wed,  9 Jan 2002
Source: The Monitor (TX)
Copyright: 2002 The Monitor
Author: Matt Tyson
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To the editor: Mr. Hugh Kelley draws parallels between drugs and alcohol 
("Legalization won't work," Jan. 3). He seems to imply that liquor 
companies are simply a different center of profits from the Capone-style 
gangsters of prohibition. Interesting. What do the employees of this 
industry think of that? How about the millions of Americans who enjoy a 
cocktail on the weekend? Are your dollars funding illegal enterprises? Mr. 
Kelley also points to drunk driving statistics. I urge him to consider why 
alcohol is not illegal. Under prohibition, were the harms of alcohol 
increased or decreased? How about marijuana prohibition? I do not use 
intravenous drugs, Mr. Kelley, and yes, liberalized drug laws are the kind 
of liberties I seek. The kind enshrined in the Constitution. The kind that 
allow for real education and reduction of harm. The kind that keep 
victimless offenders out of prison. The kind that deal with reality, not 

Matt Tyson, Portland, Ore.
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