Pubdate: Thu, 30 May 2002
Source: Illinois Times (IL)
Copyright: 2002 Yesse Communications
Author: Andrew Dockhorn


To the editor:

I found Stephen Young's "Perspectives" column in the May 16-22, 2002 issue 
[see "Drug money"] insightful and not lacking in clarity with regards to 
the absurd positions our elected officials take on the "war on drugs." 
Briefly, I would like to articulate my own thoughts on the drug war, as 
well as possible solutions.

Law enforcement agencies in this country oppose legalization for the simple 
reason that their budgets would most likely be cut nearly in half as a 
result, because the crimes associated with illegal drug trade/use would all 
but vanish.

Government employees in any capacity, at any level, know instinctively that 
eliminating problems, which undermines the perception of their positions 
being necessary, is like stuffing golden eggs back into the goose. It's 
called bureaucracy.

As for solutions, I think looking toward elements of the pro-life movement 
may offer hope. Many pro-lifers have come to realize that confrontation and 
violence, not to mention moralizing, usually result in negative backlash. 
So, they've taken to a soft-sell approach, using advertising with gentle 
images and touchy-feely persuasion to express their position.

Besides a few pro-marijuana groups, I have heard little of organized 
efforts to legalized drugs. Making the majority of U.S. citizens see the 
futility of the drug war will require time, money, and a strong desire to 
do good for others.

Where do I sign up?

Andrew Dockhorn

Cheshire, Connecticut
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