Pubdate: Thu, 06 Jun 2002
Source: Illinois Times (IL)
Copyright: 2002 Yesse Communications
Authors: Dave Michon, Steve Young, Dianna Brickner, Bryan Brickner
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To the editor: The "Perspectives" (May 16-22) column by Stephen Young was 
just the sort of clear insight we need in the next century.

Young made me think about the drug issue in ways I hadn't before and maybe 
we all need to do that, considering the results the "Drug War" has turned 
in. I'm ready to vote for new policies and read more by these new writers.


Dave Michon

Eau Claire, Wisconsin



To the editor:

The FBI is finally redirecting some of its resources away from the drug 
war. That's good news, but the same thing should happen at the Drug 
Enforcement Agency. For the past several months, the DEA has been focusing 
its efforts on closing down medical marijuana clubs in California, despite 
a state law that allows medical marijuana use.

If the DEA succeeds, more users of medical marijuana will be forced back 
into the black market.

One might think the DEA would have appreciated the reduction of the black 
market that came as medical marijuana dispensaries allowed patients with 
doctors' recommendations to receive medicine in a regulated environment.

Instead, government forces are returning sick people to street dealers.

This increases health risks to the patients while enhancing the 
profitability of street dealers.

Is this an effective use of government resources?

Medical marijuana has been a sure ballot winner across the nation, and some 
polls indicated 73 percent of Americans support medical marijuana.

Why does the DEA insist on thwarting the will of the people while 
endangering the lives of those who seek relief for illness?

Concerned citizens from around the country will be speaking out against 
this destructive policy on June 6, a day that federal agents are expected 
to close down remaining medical marijuana dispensaries in California. In 
Chicago, a coalition of organizations will be gathering at the Federal 
Plaza, Dearborn and Jackson, on June 6 at noon to talk about the federal 
government's attacks on medical marijuana, and to explain why this cruel 
and counterproductive policy is a monumental waste of taxpayers money.

Please join us.

Steve Young, Dianna Brickner, Bryan Brickner

Illinois NORML
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