Pubdate: Thu, 13 Jun 2002
Source: Northwest Arkansas Times (AR)
Copyright: 2002 Community Publishers Inc.
Author: Stan White


I agree with Georgia Lance's suggestion to bring drug law reform, (June 6 
letter, Northwest Arkansas Times).

I suggest that America must start by re-legalizing cannabis.

That includes ending the policy of revoking probation and parole, upon a 
drug test of positive, for cannabis. Simply having cannabis in urine in not 
reason enough to cage a human. The drug testing industry will go up in arms 
to protect their billions in job security, with the zeal of unionized 
scrutiny, but what is righteous, should prevail.

The drug war lords like to remind citizens falsely, that people are not in 
cages for using cannabis. Let's help them tell the truth. Other benefits 
include lower prison populations and add credibility to America's failing 
drug laws. If the drug war lords still insist people are not caged for 
using cannabis, then insist they put it in writing, exposing the truth, or not.

If the government can not tell the difference between a plant and a drug, 
then I say, death to the war on drugs.

Stan White

Dillon, Colo.
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