Pubdate: Wed, 23 Jan 2002
Source: Daily Independent, The (KY)
Copyright: 2002 The Daily Independent, Inc.
Author: Dave Michon


Kentucky pharmacists and pain patients need to resist bills like that
of  Rep. Robin Webb, D-Grayson. Webb is fanning the OxyContin flames,
threatening to make the suffering for American pain patients worse
than the Drug War already has.

Bet your bottom dollar that the pontificating politicians and DEA
agents advocating more restrictions on pain prescribing will find the
strongest drugs available when they need them! Pain control needs to
be loosened across the board, so regular folks can get it when needed.
We cannot now; I can vouch for that.

On another matter, Judge Lewis D. Nicholls' Drug Court is probably
better than the usual drug war express line in courts, but what really
is the sense in these drug courts?

The American Medical Association has called addiction a disease for
decades and it is accepted fact that addiction is "characterized" -
defined - by relapse to drug use. Obviously, neurobiology is involved.
Instead of all these billions for police, prisons and courts, we
should be using the money to find a real cure for addiction. After
all, it is only fair,  if we must have a special court for drug
addiction,  that we try Cancer Court,  AIDS Court,  and courts to
handle the rest of the difficult medical challenges.

Dave Michon,
Eau Claire, Wisc.
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