Pubdate: Sun, 30 Jun 2002
Source: Herald-Times, The (IN)
Copyright: 2002 The Herald-Times
Author: John Griner
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To the editor:

The new Indiana tax law helps business and homeowners. But all of us will 
pay higher sales taxes. This especially hurts lower-income people.

Indiana legislators had a better option. This option would have improved 
public health, reduced crime, reduced prison overcrowding, and brought the 
victims of certain laws back into our society. It would have provided all 
these benefits with no increase in taxes.

Does this sound to good to be true? We simply need to decriminalize, 
license, regulate and tax certain victimless crimes. These crimes are 
recreational gambling, recreational marijuana use and courtesan commerce.

Indiana's recreational gambling industry provides three-quarters of a 
billion dollars per year in tax benefits to Hoosiers. Additional social and 
economic benefits are possible by decriminalizing, licensing, regulating 
and taxing marijuana use and courtesan services. Canada and European 
countries have made progress in these areas and have models on how to 
regulate these industries.

The U.S. Constitution requires for separation between the church and state. 
Indiana laws should be created for public safety and welfare, not for 
enforcement of religious doctrines.

John Griner

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