Pubdate: Thu, 04 Jul 2002
Source: Orcadian, The (UK)
Contact:  2002, The Orcadian Limited
Author: Jeremy Godwin
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Sir, - Good luck to Biz Ivol.  The sooner the medical use of cannabis is
legal, the better.  I have kept track of the results of similar prosecutions
etc these last few years, eg: Prudhoe (Northumberland) woman, 47, back-ache
- - 120 hours community service Feb 2000; Chief Constable Colin Phillips
(Cumbria Constabulary) backs "use of cannabis for proven medical reasons" -
Feb 2000; Eshaness paraplegic, in spasms if not using cannabis, prosecution
dropped (Lerwick), Feb 2000; British Medical council tests show its help
preventing muscle tremor and spasticity in MS, March 2000; Suffolk man, 51,
found not guilty by Ipswich Crown Court jury, he growing 40 cannabis plants
as sole reliever of his pains without side-effects, and for his wife, 41,
dying of lung cancer, March 2000; Orkneyman in Aberdeen, 24, back and
shoulder pains, put to 300 hours community service and one year's probation
by Sheriff Inglis, who said: "If you do go to prison it is not likely to do
you a lot of good", March 2001; 75 per cent of 23 MS and spinal patients of
Dr W Notall (Great Yarmouth) helped by cannabis one third of them
"astonishingly" (but no effect on two of them), September 2001; Stockport
man, 44, chronic back pain, twice acquitted by courts for using cannabis,
September 2001.  Alston (Cumbria) woman, MS, acquitted by Carlisle Crown
Court, 2001, but arrested by Stockport police, Jan 2002, where prosecution
dropped April 2002, Prudloe epileptic fined UKP 120, April 2002; two letters
deploring persecution of medical cannabis users there, April 2002.  the law
must soon change! Meanwhile, it has little effect as the 18th century
practice of whipping - "this woman has been whipped three times already"
(Clerk of Peace's note at foot of sentence).

Yours etc,

Jeremy Godwin

15 Drover's Lane, Penrith
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