Pubdate: Thu, 04 Jul 2002
Source: Orcadian, The (UK)
Contact:  2002, The Orcadian Limited
Author: Hamish Crisp


Sir, - So.  as a consequence of supplying her ill fellows with medical
cannabis, MS sufferer Biz Ivol is due to appear at Kirkwall Sheriff
Court on Tuesday, July 16.  I hope they don't put her in prison.

Biz was motivated in her endevours by her humanity, and by that
humanity a deep desire to help her fellow-sufferers.  I am also using
cannabis to alleviate the symptoms of MS.  I have often been a
beneficiary of the lass's practically kind enterprise (no financial or
economic transactions were involved.)

Considering the catalogue of awful scars to Orkney's history in the
very recent past, I dread to consider that the distortion of Orkney
society is becoming Orwellian.  In this, the 21st century, it is
ludicrous to comprehend that she should find herself persecuted by the
state.  By far the most of the people she helped had contacted her
through getting (un-permitted) contact details from numerous respected
professional bodies and individuals.

This critically urgent situation regarding the therapeutic use of
cannabis is clouded by its use for hedonistic purposes by
"recreational users".  But unfortunately most clouded are the minds of
politicians, who seem to be motivated by their own unique personal
opinions and perceptions. Life-experience is glaringly lacking.
Public opinion now shows over 90 per cent support for the legalisation
of cannabis for medical purposes.  Often I wonder if this is part of
the present UK Government's plans to ditch democracy from their Parliament.

As for the Scottish Parliament, it seems too occupied with making
presidential announcements of proposals - or is it proposals of
announcements? - I forget - to actually do something and legislate for
the betterment of the lives of the people of Scotland.  Their purpose
in our lives becomes ever more difficult to discern - apart from
making us fret over the final cost of a building to house them.

It is a wrong law indeed that ends with criminals being weak and

Yours etc,

Hamish Crisp,


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