Pubdate: Sun, 14 Jul 2002
Source: Racine Journal Times, The (WI)
Copyright: 2002, The Racine Journal Times
Author: Donald Lyons


Drug testing is un-American because guilt is assumed until the test proves 
innocence, our current conservative totalitarian congress is extremely 
irresponsible, and we the people's civil liberties are suffering.

This particular privacy violation costs businesses $1.2 billion a year for 
urinalysis of their workers, the Military is notorious for their strict 
drug test. (Note that marijuana helped soldiers in times of war) now it's 
becoming popular for parents to drug test their children perfect lets 
break-up the family. Cut down the lines of communication and sneak around 
spying on our kids, let's violate the child's privacy, we use D.A.R.E like 
the Salem witch hunts to get our children to turn in their parents in.

Many high schools already do random searches on students not for weapons, 
but for drugs. After all the Constitution has failed to protect children in 
the classroom, why not expand? Students have lost First Fourth and Fifth 
Amendment rights and I think it's absurd. We are sacrificing too many 
important rights by allowing drug testing to continue until this unjust 
drug-testing frenzy is put to an end, workers, military, service people, 
parolees, and yes children need to learn how to protect themselves from the 
drug test.

The government has taken the drug war to a ludicrous level. I'm an activist 
against the war on (some drug) laws created by the Legislature to protect 
me from myself. It demonstrates how totalitarian this country has become. 
Every nine seconds someone somewhere gets arrested for marijuana 
possession. What a waste of police work when they should be protecting 
Americans from real crime. Its about time we "just say no to drug testing."

Donald Lyons

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