Pubdate: Thu, 18 Jul 2002
Source: Chico Enterprise-Record (CA)
Copyright: 2002 The Media News Group
Author: Garry Cooper


The conviction of Mr. Epis for growing marijuana by the federal government 
and our supreme court's assertion that federal laws supersede state laws is 
appalling to anyone who respects our constitutional rights and freedoms.

Our founding fathers knew from experience that a centralized government 
with powers of its own over the states rights was a death sentence to 
democracy and the basic prerequisite to tyranny. Our forefathers 
specifically required in the constitution that the states have autonomy and 
all powers unto themselves except those specifically granted to the federal 
government by the states. They knew that the last stronghold against 
tyranny and for the survival of a democracy was keeping the ultimate power 
in the state's hands. They recognized that basic freedom required each 
state to govern their own according to their own wishes, morals, and ideals.

Letting the feds kidnap and imprison one of our own based upon federal laws 
is flushing our basic democratic building blocks down the toilet.

Remember, the people of California vote for our initiatives and have the 
right to live as we desire and remember also that not one person votes for 
policies at the federal level. Bureaucrats with their arms elbow deep in 
special interest group's pockets, such as the all powerful prison guards 
union, impose these laws in order to further the goals of that group. In 
the prison guard's case it is getting people in prison and keeping them there.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

- - Garry Cooper, Durham
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