Pubdate: Sun, 21 Jul 2002
Source: Halifax Herald (CN NS)
Copyright: 2002 The Halifax Herald Limited
Author: Bruce Milsom


Dear Editor:

As I recall from civics class, an impartial press is one of the foundations 
of a democratic society. I was reminded of this fact last weekend, as I 
read a couple of pieces in the national press about our parliamentarians, 
who are conducting a thorough review of our drug laws with a view to the 
sort of reforms adopted in a number of countries, most recently the U.K. In 
both cases, the writers took time and care to present the issues, not only 
from "both sides," but from a number of perspectives.

It was with some regret, then, that I learned that, here in Cape Breton, 
the press is actively assisting the police in the enforcement of our 
misguided and antiquated laws on cannabis (re: "Pot pursuit in downtown 
Sydney: C.B. bureau chief ends up holding the bag as speeding fugitive 
ditches $25,000 stash," The Sunday Herald, July 14).

It might well be argued that when Tera Camus picked up that garbage bag 
filled with pot, she succeeded as a "good citizen." Lamentably, she failed 
us as a journalist.

Bruce Milsom, Port Hawkesbury
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