Pubdate: Fri,  9 Aug 2002
Source: West Hawaii Today (HI)
Contact:  2002 West Hawaii Today
Author: Miles H. Mulcahy
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As a Neighborhood Watch-Captain on Middle Keei Road, I would like to add
emphasis to the informative letter by Charles Flaherty regarding marijuana
helicopters and the real drug problem of "ice" and "crack." We have talked
about this many times at our Neighborhood Watch meetings. We do not need
police and their resources flying around in helicopters. We do need police
and their resources, on the ground.

It is not the people using marijuana who are breaking into houses. It is not
the people using marijuana who are causing domestic and public violence. It
is people who are using "ice" and "crack." True, the county and Police
Department get federal money for flying around, but they are doing nothing
to safeguard our neighborhoods. They are only adding to statistics. If they
are really serious about attacking the drug problem, then listen to the
public and even their own officers.

Let's get serious about the real drug problem and focus our small resources
where it will do the most good. Let's forget about stuffing our coffers and
focus on real safety and security in our neighborhoods.

Let's quit touting the same old rhetoric about marijuana that we have been
hearing since the 1930s. Let's get serious about kicking the real drugs 
"ice and crack."

Miles H. Mulcahy

Captain Cook
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