Pubdate: Tue, 13 Aug 2002
Source: Idaho Statesman, The (ID)
Copyright: 2002 The Idaho Statesman
Author: Travis Kidd


In your "Our View" you state "As of June, 1, 741 of Idaho's 5,802 inmates 
were behind bars on drug-or alcohol-related charges."

Yet you fail to mention how many of those charges were from a DUI or from a 
possession charge.

I can agree you should give someone who is operating a motor vehicle under 
the influence of any drug - whether it be legal or not - a harsher sentence.

However, if the individual is simply in jail for a possession charge and 
was not driving or under the influence, that should warrant a purge of a 
non-violent offenders from prison.

All drugs, whether legal or otherwise, should be used responsibly. But it 
is always the irresponsible ones who cause problems or accidents and ruin 
the use of recreational drugs for the responsible users.

Take alcohol, for example. While it is legal for adults of legal drinking 
age to drink, and while many are responsible in their actions of drinking - 
it is the small minority who cause the problems and accidents.

Travis Kidd, Boise
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