Pubdate: Mon, 26 Aug 2002
Source: Washington Times (DC)
Copyright: 2002 News World Communications, Inc.
Author: Rick L. Root


The type of "void" Rep. Bob Barr's defeat will leave in the Republican 
Party will be welcome, from my libertarian viewpoint ("Barr's defeat said 
to leave void in GOP," Nation, Thursday).

Those who refer to him as a "civil libertarian" (as quoted in the article) 
could by the same reasoning refer to Adolf Hitler as a humanitarian. Mr. 
Barr single-handedly voided the votes of D.C. residents who overwhelmingly 
passed a medical marijuana initiative. Mr. Barr has been a tyrant's tyrant 
toward reefer reason, choosing to embrace blindly the worn-out 
reefer-madness propaganda of a bygone era. Now that he has been given the 
boot by his constituents, it's likely he'll get an appointment from his 
fellow "civil libertarian" Attorney General John Ashcroft, who also was 
booted from office by his constituents.

Thousands of real libertarians across the country contributed to the 
campaign to oust from Congress this man who would deny the sick and dying a 
nontoxic means of improving the quality of their lives.

Mr. Barr will fit right in with the drug-warrior bureaucracy, which is run 
by people who profit at the expense of those who dare exercise civil liberty.


Director for Orange County, Calif., Americans for Safe Access

Westminster, Calif. 
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