Pubdate: Fri, 30 Aug 2002
Source: Florida Today (FL)
Copyright: 2002 Florida Today
Author: Scott Buck


Legalize marijuana? I think so. But people's views vary widely on this matter.

Alcohol and related accidents kill more people than marijuana. But 
marijuana is used as much as alcohol, despite being illegal.

Unlike alcohol, marijuana doesn't remove one's ability to walk. Alcohol is 
deadly and causes people not to remember what they did the night before. 
Alcohol is more lethal, even though it's legal.

And smoking cigarettes is terrible. Cigarettes kill more people than 
anything, but are legal in the United States.

Why is that? The laws don't make sense. People can have a legal drug that 
is 10 times more harmful. People who are against legalizing marijuana have 
not tried it or tested it, as they should before jumping to any conclusions.

Whoever is blocking marijuana legalization while supporting use of alcohol 
and cigarettes is a hypocrite. Everyone involved in the effort to legalize 
marijuana should demand some hard evidence against it. There should be a 
vote on the subject.
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