Pubdate: Sat, 07 Sep 2002
Source: London Free Press (CN ON)
Copyright: 2002 The London Free Press a division of Sun Media Corporation.
Author: C.V. Weaver


Regarding the article, London police fume at plan to legalize pot (Sept. 5).

The potential benefits, both financial and social, that would arise from 
the government's regulation of marijuana are just too important to ignore.

Taxes gained from marijuana sales could go toward drug treatment and 
education programs for dangerous drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, as well 
as law enforcement efforts against these substances.

Of course, the police associations across the country will be up in arms, 
but what do you expect? Don't be fooled by Deputy Chief Murray Faulkner's 
hot-button concern over the message being sent to our children.

The police are unionized and a smaller, more focused war on drugs means 
less need for large, expensive anti-drug units.

While I am sure his concern for children is sincere, it cannot be grounds 
for opposing legalization or he would also have to campaign against all the 
beer advertising children are exposed to everyday. Labatt's wouldn't like that.

The legalization of marijuana does not represent a "back-to-school gift for 
drug pushers."

Use common sense, people. Are pot smokers going to go to a drug dealer if 
they can buy pot legally and cheaper at a legitimate business? Bootleggers 
took an awful hit after alcohol prohibition was lifted. They started 
pushing drugs instead.

C.V. Weaver

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