Pubdate: Fri, 06 Sep 2002
Source: Union, The (CA)
Copyright: 2002 Nevada County Publishing Company
Author: Little Wing


The largest newspaper in Nevada - the Las Vegas Review-Journal - just ran a 
huge front-page story on Saturday entitled "Marijuana Initiative: Economic 
Benefits Touted."

The article estimated that bringing marijuana into a regulated market would 
generate $200 million in annual tax revenues for the state; this economic 
boon does not count the savings that will result from eliminating the 
law-enforcement expenditures that are currently wasted on marijuana 
"crimes." And, in the same article, the spokesperson for Republican Gov. 
Kenny Guinn said that he is not opposing the Initiative! Imagine! If 
enacted, the ballot measure will save Nevada taxpayers millions of dollars 
because marijuana users will no longer be arrested by police, prosecuted by 
district attorneys, and dragged through courtrooms, jails and prisons

The new initiative also calls on the legislature to set up a system whereby 
adults can purchase marijuana through a legally regulated market, rather 
than from the criminal market. Marijuana that is sold through the legal 
market would be taxed, just as alcohol and tobacco are taxed.

The marijuana sales tax is a win/win situation for marijuana users and 
non-users alike. The 10,000's of Nevadans who already use marijuana would 
prefer to purchase marijuana from a regulated market rather than from the 
criminal market. And those Nevadans who don't use marijuana will feel good 
about marijuana users' contributing money to the state's tax coffers - at 
no cost to the non-users.

This is a huge story which is making media all over the country. I would 
like to wish the people of Nevada best of luck!

Little Wing

Nevada City
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