Pubdate: Sat, 07 Sep 2002
Source: Wausau Daily Herald (WI)
Copyright: 2002 Wausau Daily Herald
Author: Drew Williams


Jeff Peterson's Be Our Guest column of Aug. 28, "Listen to what
Thompson isn't saying," attempts to frighten voters away from Ed
Thompson. He is using these scare tactics because he and his party
have been unsuccessful in convincing Wisconsinites that the Green
Party's solutions to our problems aren't any different from the status
quo offered by the Republicrats.

Shame on you. I will not attempt to scare voters away from any Green
candidates. In fact, for all of you voters out there who like big
government but would rather have your tax dollars (34 percent of your
salary - see spent on public education, social
programs and the environment, instead of defense and the drug war, by
all means vote the Green ticket. But I will not be embarrassed or
reluctant to admit that I am a Libertarian, just like the people that
founded this country. What do I believe? 1. Big government does more
harm than good. 2. I pay 8 percent of my salary to a Social Security
retirement system that I'll never see. 3. Filling up our prisons with
non-violent drug users is immoral (and wasteful). 4. Our government
should stop sticking its nose, and bombs, in other countries business.
5. Everyone deserves a good education, if you can't find it at your
public school then you should be able to take your tax dollars
elsewhere. 6. You should be able to own a gun, even though I don't. In
short, I trust that Wisconsinites know how to spend their money better
than the Republicrats in Madison and Washington. If you readers feel
the same way then vote the Libertarian ticket and put Ed in Madison.

Drew Williams, Schofield
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