Pubdate: Wed, 11 Sep 2002
Source: Daily News, The (CN NS)
Copyright: 2002 The Daily News
Author: Stan White


To the editor:

I am upset with police who oppose rational drug-law reform (Halifax Police 
Say Marijuana Leads To Harsher Drugs, The Daily News, Sept. 6).

I'm not surprised; the idea of legalizing cannabis has sparked a flame in 
local law-enforcement agencies. The police agencies stand the most to lose, 
since they justify much of their funding upon the persecution of a plant.

Shame on them, for they imply that they don't make the laws; they just 
enforce them, and imply that if you don't like the laws, change them.

While police are in favour of caging humans for using a plant, I request 
North American citizens resist that farce.

Instead of Halifax Regional Police teaching kids that marijuana is one of 
the gateway drugs, a substance that often leads people to try harder drugs, 
they should try teaching the truth. All studies, including the recent 
Canadian Senate study, indicate otherwise. Officers (of morality) should be 
crime officers, doing what they are paid to do, which is protect citizens.

Stan White

Dillon, Colo.
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