Pubdate: Wed, 11 Sep 2002
Source: Halifax Herald (CN NS)
Copyright: 2002 The Halifax Herald Limited
Author: Tim Meehan


Dear Editor:

Re: "No pot of gold" (Sept. 6 editorial). So, yet another study has been 
presented showing that the evil weed is, in fact, not so evil at all. So 
far, we've heard that it should be disregarded because it's a 
"back-to-school gift for drug pushers" (ignoring that underage use and 
unregulated sales would be prohibited under legalization) and the "wrong 
message" to send to youth (in other words, lie to them with the status quo 

Of course, when one takes time to actually read the Senate report, these 
and other weak arguments prohibitionists present are demolished 
convincingly, and with medical and scientific proof. There is no 
justification - legal, medical or moral - for the prohibition of cannabis.

In the 1990s, neo-conservatives were quite successful in portraying public 
union bosses as "fat cats" who make all kinds of ridiculous statements in 
the never-ending quest for more funding. Why should the dinosaurs at the 
Canadian Police Association or the National Association of Professional 
Police, two groups that have come out strongly against this report, be 
viewed in any other light?

Tim Meehan, communications director, Ontario Consumers for Safe Access to 
Recreational Cannabis, Toronto
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