Pubdate: Fri, 13 Sep 2002
Source: Caledonian-Record, The  (VT)
Copyright: 2002 The Caledonian-Record
Author: Mary DeWolfe


To the Editor:

Why is it that people from Lyndonville and Danville seem to know what is 
best for St. Johnsbury?

I went to the needle exchange forum. I know that people have a right to 
disagree, but we need to try to help our neighbors with their drug problem 
or maybe we should take them to court and have them thrown out of town.

That's what a lot of people would like to see, so they would not have to 
deal with this or just close your eyes so you don't have to see it. We need 
to find a way to start to get this thing under control for everybody's sake.

I keep hearing, "I have children and I am worried about them." Well, if 
that is true, get out there and try to help get as much information as you 
can about heroin, cocaine and the AIDS virus.

Give Vermont CARES a call to see how you can help out. We need a clinic in 
this town because drugs are not here to visit us, they are here to stay.

Until you see babies born from mothers who use cocaine and heroin, you 
really don't know how great the need is. Jail is not the answer and for 
those who take heroin, they won't be with us very long. I am guessing that 
depends how much they are using.

This town comes together when they need to. Let's come together and try to 
fix this problem. No, we can't do it overnight, but a little bit every day 
helps more than you know.

Mary DeWolfe

St. Johnsbury
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