Pubdate: Thu, 12 Sep 2002
Source: Eugene Weekly (OR)
Copyright: 2002 Eugene Weekly
Author: Marshall Kirkpatrick


Since Sept. 11, newly disclosed U.S. government documents acquired by the 
National Security Archive at George Washington University revealed that the 
U.S. has known for 15-years that the billions it's sent to the government 
of Colombia weren't fighting drugs, but were being shared with paramilitary 
death and torture squads to kill union organizers and rural peasants.

Immediately afterwards, the U.S. sent hundreds of millions more dollars 
there to "fight terror." "Our" president even overrode a U.S. congressional 
ban on military aid to Indonesia, imposed to protest repeated 
security-force massacres, just after Indonesia's president told troops this 
year on Army Day, "Don't worry about human rights."

The global legacy of Sept. 11 has been to enable the world's most powerful 
"nation on a hill" to reign down terror on anyone it chooses, with no need 
to explain anything to its uninformed, self-righteous people.

Thanks, TV! America grows sicker every day. Should have called it quits 
after 1492.

Marshall Kirkpatrick

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