Pubdate: Fri, 13 Sep 2002
Source: Blade, The (Toledo, OH)
Copyright: 2002 The Blade
Author: Jim Boehm


What do the Portuguese, Dutch, governor of New Mexico, the Unitarian 
church, Detroit police chief, and Blade columnist Gwynne Dyer have in 
common? They all have caught up with the Libertarians in recognizing the 
insanity of the war on drugs, which actually is a war on people.

Mr. Dyer says, "the war on drugs is one of the most counter-productive 
activities in which human beings have engaged."

It's obvious we have learned nothing from Prohibition. With Prohibition we 
saw a tenfold expansion in organized crime just as we see huge increases 
again. We've seen cocaine production when drugs were legal at 10 tons go to 
700 tons because of this stupid war. We see heroin financing al-Qaeda. Why 
aren't they financing their terrorism from the sale of Scotch or 
cigarettes? It's because government has made heroin illegal. The Freedom 
Daily said, "The connection between booze and the Mafia was broken not by 
teetotaling but by ending Prohibition."

Then there are those foggy minds who say if we legalize drugs usage would 
go through the roof. Guess what? Anyone who wants drugs is now using them. 
We can't even keep drugs out of jails.

If Nike dispensed with all its advertising, sales would decrease. So what 
would be the impact on the drug scene without pushers?

The drug war has cost billions and destroyed millions of lives. It has 
taken an unconscionable toll on the black community. It has financed 
terrorism, empowered government, and destroyed our freedoms. Let's raise 
the white flag.

It was the Depression that ended Prohibition. With the legalization of 
marijuana in Arizona, and when the hypocrites we elect with their rabid 
lust for revenue see the revenue generated, you will see a lightning domino 
effect of states following suit. It's about time!

Jim Boehm

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