Pubdate: Wed, 18 Sep 2002
Source: Surrey Now (CN BC)
Copyright: 2002 Lower Mainland Publishing Group Inc., A Canwest Company
Author: Danny Terwey


The Editor,

Re: "Mellow out, people: it's just a little marijuana," the Now, Sept. 7.

I enjoyed reading "Mellow out people: It's just a little marijuana." 
Clearly, the author has a proper perspective. I find that most people 
opposing decriminalization are ignorant of the true effects of marijuana. 
They seem to have bought the drug war propaganda, hook, line and sinker.

It's not that North Americans decided that it was "bad." In fact, corporate 
greed led to the wave of hysteria.

The Hearst newspapers had just locked up forestry rights for paper 
production, an industry that would be threatened by hemp production. They 
were joined by the petrochemical industry that had just discovered 
plastics, but was also threatened by the versatility of hemp. Together, 
they spread the disinformation far and wide, with a copious helping of 
racism (it's the drug of the Mexicans, it makes black men rape white women, 
yadda yadda yadda).

Prohibition is doomed, and informed people know it. Talk to your friends, 
and spread the word. The drug war causes more harm than drug use itself, 
and the most glaring example is the marijuana ban.

Danny Terwey, Pacifica, Calif.
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