Pubdate: Fri, 20 Sep 2002
Source: South Delta Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2002 South Delta Leader
Author: Chris Donald


Editor, The Leader:

Re: Leader, Police Chief Pans Legal pot, Sept. 6.

Do the geniuses at the Canadian Police Association (CPA) and BC Association 
of Police Chiefs (BCAPC) really expect us to believe that it took them less 
than a day to read, comprehensively analyze, and then speak with any 
authority about a four-volume, 600-page report on cannabis by the Canadian 
Senate that took literally years to research?

This definitive, four-volume report is the result of 234 individual 
hearings, including testimony from around the world and from dozens of 
recognized experts, by a special committee comprised of intelligent, 
respected senators who were drawn from across the political spectrum. Did 
your paper ask the chair of the BCAPC, Delta Police Chief Jim Cessford, if 
he had actually read the entire report, let alone subjected it to a serious 
analysis, before he publically denounced it?

How stupid do the police think Canadians are that we would believe 
categorical denunciations of this exhaustively-researched report that were 
made within a day of the report being released, and by those paid to 
enforce the counterproductive and unjust cannabis laws that the report 
suggests eliminating?

The hasty, reactionary and demonstrably ill-informed response by police 
officers and organizations across the country to this landmark Senate 
report has proven beyond any doubt that in terms of this report, and on the 
subject of cannabis in general, the police literally do not know what they 
are talking about.

I suggest that every Canadian should take the time to actually read this 
definitive document before they make up their minds on its merit at

Chris Donald, Nova Scotia
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