Pubdate: Wed, 18 Sep 2002
Source: Oshawa This Week (CN ON)
Copyright: 2002 Oshawa This Week
Author: Chris Buors


To the Editor:

The 'just say no' moralizing crusade of Nancy Reagan has about run its 
course even if Chief Kevin McAlpine is still singing its virtues. 
"Moderation in all things" is the timeless Shakespearian advice the Senate 
expounds. Sober second thought indeed. Not to mention a great big thank-you 
to the Senate for recommending 16 as the age threshold. Waiting until teens 
are old enough to leave home is the stupidest way to introduce them to all 
the temptations vice has to offer. Do you really want your kid to get his 
moral lessons on the evils of overindulgence from his peers? I want first 
crack at my kid when s/he gets drunk for the first time, I want first crack 
when s/he has the first smoke and I want to be the first one teaching them 
about the evils of pleasure drugs. How will our children learn 
responsibility if we don't allow them to make a mistake or two when they 
are at home?

Chris Buors

Winnipeg, Man.
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