Pubdate: Mon, 23 Sep 2002
Source: Medicine Hat News (CN AB)
Copyright: 2002 Alberta Newspaper Group, Inc.
Author:  Adam Wiggins
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The Senate committee's recommendation to legalize responsible cannabis use 
is well-researched and pragmatic. The Sept. 10 editorial, Legal Pot A Dopey 
Idea, tries to refute the report by arguing that "marijuana is not a 
benefit to society." I've got news for you: neither are cigarettes, 
alcohol, twinkies or pornography, but should you be thrown in jail for 
partaking of any of the aforementioned vices? No, and neither should 
Canadians face jail for responsible pot smoking.

The criminalization of cannabis has filled jails with otherwise law-abiding 
citizens, inspired disdain for the law among youth and made organized 
criminals extremely rich. Increased enforcement has only exacerbated the 
situation. The Senate committee's recommendation will be a great step 
forward toward solving these and other problems caused by the prohibition 
of cannabis.

Adam Wiggins, Pasadena, Calif.
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