Pubdate: Sun, 29 Sep 2002
Source: Halifax Herald (CN NS)
Copyright: 2002 The Halifax Herald Limited
Author: John Cook


Dear Editor:

To deny prescribed medicine to any person, animal or living form is 
inhumane. To deny medicine based on economic, social or political reason is 
inhumane. To suggest a medicine prescribed by a practising physician, 
specialist, veterinarian, or any other medical professional licensed to do 
so, be based on any of these is absurd. Being in a home, hospital, car or 
institution has no bearing on how the illness/disease should be treated.

That being said, I must comment on Peter Duffy's column "Don't cry for 
toker who's doing time" (The Sunday Herald, Sept. 15). Is Mr. Duffy 
suggesting we now start using a guide to who qualifies to be treated? I 
would be interested in his guidelines. Here are a couple that could be 
included: no money/no treatment; no treatment for person(s)/animal(s) born 
with disabilities; no treatment for those injured in car accidents deemed 
to be their fault; no treatment if working in the "newspaper industry."

Ridiculous? Absolutely!

I suggest Mr. Duffy up his intake of caffeine (drug) before his pen hits 
the paper. Mr. Duffy and anyone else should never be denied prescribed 
medicine used to treat an ailment, regardless of where they are, especially 
in Canada.

The tone used in his piece was condescending to any person who uses 
cannabis as medicine. Maybe he believes in compassion, as seen in other 
columns, but this day the well was dry.

John Cook, Halifax, Co-founder of Maritimers United for Medical Marijuana
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