Pubdate: Wed, 25 Sep 2002
Source: Jasper Booster (CN AB)
Copyright: 2002 The Jasper Booster
Author: Chuck Beyer


The following is a response to a letter to the editor published Sept.11 
titled "We need answers before drugs legalized"

Dear Editor,

In regards to this letter to the editor, which criticizes the Senate report 
due to what it does not say - I would suggest the LTE writer read the 
report. It suggests that all 3 levels of government need to reach a 
consensus on these questions by meeting and discussing the issue at a 
conference to take care of details such as age limits which may be 
different in each province. The report also suggests distribution like 
tobacco and alcohol which means the provinces would be in charge. To wait 
for answers before the provinces can even have the right to ask them would 
not work. First the provinces must get the power and then provincial 
politicians and voters will ask these questions and make the decisions. 
Neither the questions nor the answers are within the federal sphere of 

Chuck Beyer

Victoria, B.C.
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