Pubdate: Wed, 02 Oct 2002
Source: Arizona Republic (AZ)
Copyright: 2002 The Arizona Republic
Author: John Quinn


Mary Blackwell's letter "Marijuana Harms" (Friday, Sept. 27) reflects the 
inaccurate stereotyping and hypocrisy surrounding marijuana.

First, she attributes all of her nieces' natural aging anomalies on 
marijuana. Yet her "scientific" analysis fails to mention whether her niece 
also imbibes in alcohol or tobacco.

Authentic studies have shown that heavy use of these legal drugs will 
accelerate the aging process.

What about prescription drugs? My mother is losing her hair because of 
prescription drugs.

Then, Ms. Blackwell alludes to prior counseling and rehab for her niece - 
but not for pot. Are you not telling us the whole truth?

Is it possible that your niece actually had problems with other drugs? Is 
it possible that marijuana helped her kick the habit of truly dangerous 
hard drugs like alcohol, heroin or cocaine?

By her own account, it sounds like Ms. Blackwell's niece and her nieces' 
husband are good, hard-working citizens and very happy. Perhaps Ms. 
Blackwell needs to try some of this happiness for herself.

John Quinn

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