Pubdate: Thu, 03 Oct 2002
Source: See Magazine (CN AB)
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Author: Emily Vokes
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Editor, SEE:

There is an answer to Craig Elliott's call for any plan that reduces 
greenhouse emissions while sustaining the economy.

The answer has been there since the Marijuana Tax Act was implemented in 
1937 by the U.S. government, followed in 1938 by the same laws in Canada.

At that time, industrial hemp was touted with glowing reports as a "new 
billion dollar crop", and "the most profitable crop that can be grown". But 
since 1930, industrial hemp has been subjected to an intensive propaganda 
smear campaign from powerful corporations dictating and lobbying 
governments in the U.S. and Canada. The corporations, such as those in the 
cotton, timber, and petrochemical industries, stood to lose billions of 
dollars if hemp was allowed.

Hemp has at least 25,000 different uses with minimal impact on the 
environment. It has many beneficial qualities. Hemp can replace many 
non-renewable resources as well as numerous processed and manufactured 
goods. According to Jack Herer, the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, 
and a dedicated researcher and advocate for industrial hemp, "Hemp is the 
only annually renewable plant on earth able to replace all fossil fuels." 
He gives documented evidence in his book that if 11 per cent of the arable 
land was planted with hemp it would replace all dependence on fossil fuels 
and nuclear fuels, which we know are detrimental to both the human race and 
the environment.

Also, John Roulac, President of HEMPTECH, notes that, "The average citizen 
knows but a small piece of the truth about industrial hemp, along with a 
great deal of misinformation... we must inform ourselves, discerning the 
truth amidst the hype... well worth incorporating into a more global 
sustainable future."

In addition, in Cuba they have had advanced alternative energy practices to 
include extensive solar power as a major energy supply to complement the 
use of sugarcane biomass for the last decade.

There is an alternative to the illusion, as well as information, we are 
given by our "leaders." So Craig, I sincerely hope this information can be 
of use to us all, rather than the indoctrination and disinformation we are 
being fed through mainstream media and other propaganda campaigns by those 
who deem they are the authority of these important matters. The most 
important thing to do with the truth is act on it.

Emily Vokes
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