Pubdate: Sat, 05 Oct 2002
Source: Arizona Republic (AZ)
Copyright: 2002 The Arizona Republic
Author: D. Smith


Dan Durrenberger made some good points regarding drug laws (Drug bust 
captures neighbor's attention).

His statement "Phoenix and Arizona in general are awash in illegal drugs. 
The stuff is everywhere" is testament to the failure of the war on drugs. 
It is impossible to talk honestly about illegal drugs without running into 

Yes, GHB is a bad drug that reduces inhibitions and can be used for date 
rape. It can also kill people.

But can't we say the same thing about alcohol? How many times has it been 
used for sexual advantage? How many thousands of people have died from it?

The blaring double standard in our drug laws is the Achilles' heal of the 
lavish war on drugs. Either we start busting the martini drinkers, too, or 
we don't bust anybody.

D. Smith Mesa
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