Pubdate: Mon, 07 Oct 2002
Source: Wausau Daily Herald (WI)
Copyright: 2002 Wausau Daily Herald
Author: Drew Williams
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Noelle Bush, daughter of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and the niece of the 
president, was found to be in possession of crack cocaine while a patient 
in a drug treatment center. The police were called, but she was not arrested.

Her father said that the episode should be treated as a "family matter," 
rather than a criminal one. For once I have to agree with Jeb. It is a 
family matter. The problem is that thousands of Floridians and Americans 
get thrown in jail for years, sometimes for life, when they've had multiple 
possession offenses like Noelle. To state the obvious - this is hypocrisy 
at its worst.

It appears that our war on drugs applies only to minorities and the poor, 
but not the rich or politically connected.

My question to you is when your daughter, son, grandchild, father, mother, 
grandparent, etc., is found to be in possession of an illegal drug, do you 
think that it should be handled as a family matter or as a criminal one? If 
you answered "family matter," then you are against the war on drugs and 
should vote that way in November.

If you answered "criminal," then tell Jeb Bush to lock up his daughter for 
the same 15 to 30 years that everyone else gets.

Drew Williams, Schofield
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