Pubdate: Wed, 23 Oct 2002
Source: Santa Maria Times (CA)
Copyright: 2002 Pulitzer Central Coast Newspapers
Author: Diana Story
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Prevention Act)
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The ex-sheriff is out of touch with the people he hopes to represent. In 
Spring 2000 voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 36 that enabled some 
drug users to get treatment instead of jail. Out-of-touch Jim Thomas 
opposed Prop 36.

The out-of-sync sheriff backed measure U 2000 to increase our taxes for a 
$100 million jail, promoting it with a video, illegally using county funds. 
The measure failed by a wide margin.

Last spring, the ex-sheriff's handpicked and heavily promoted candidate 
Dorsey was soundly defeated. The voters ignored Thomas's endorsement and 
chose Anderson for sheriff. Out of touch and out of sync.

The ex-sheriff is trying to use the recall movement to slip by the voters. 
Maybe he realizes he can't cut it in an honest and open election. Out of 
touch, out of sync and out of time.

The ex-sheriff is so far to the right, he's wrong. Supervisor Gail Marshall 
is in touch with the voters and listens to her constituents. Show Jim 
Thomas how wrong he is by voting "No" on recall.

Diana Story, Los Olivos
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