Pubdate: Fri, 08 Nov 2002
Source: Denver Post (CO)
Copyright: 2002 The Denver Post Corp
Author: Robert Melamede
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It's too bad that The Denver Post doesn't do its homework before it 
publishes opinions. With a little education, it would not support federal 
marijuana policies that are based on ignorance and fear and promote the 
suffering of those who could be helped.

Like The Post, most doctors and scientists and certainly all politicians 
and members of law enforcement have not read the current professional 
scientific literature. Had they, most would likely have a different opinion 
on the topic. Marijuana-like compounds, known as endogenous cannabinoids, 
control most of our body functions.

They help to maintain the healthful homeostasis of our immune, nervous, 
endocrine, reproductive, digestive, excretory and cardiovascular systems 
via specific cannabis receptors. Our bodies all make psychoactive, 
cannabis-like compounds to fit into these receptors. In addition, the 
cannabinoids have anti-glioma, breast cancer and prostate cancer 
activities. Evolution has selected the cannabinoids as natural inhibitors 
of peripheral pain and regulators of appetite and body temperature.

It's time to believe the science and the people who are suffering.


Colorado Springs

The writer is chairman of the biology department at the University of 
Colorado at Colorado Springs.
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