Pubdate: Tue, 12 Nov 2002
Source: Racine Journal Times, The (WI)
Copyright: 2002, The Racine Journal Times
Author: Dave Wallen


I have to admit it, I laughed when I saw the article about the mass 
ticketing at the rave last week.

I have laughed harder since then. In the article dated Nov. 7 quoted Sgt. 
Macemon as saying: "If the undercover officers saw the illegal activity 
going on, it is reasonable to assume everyone else at the party did as well".

So, if trained officers saw an illegal act, the partygoers should have seen 
it also?

Perhaps the good sergeant should think back. How many people at the 
assassination of President Kennedy knew that he had been shot? (Hint: Most 
didn't.) You're talking about a bunch of minors whose interest is directed 
at either the music, of the hot girl (or guy) standing 15 feet away. You 
are not talking about trained police officers who were specifically looking 
for such infractions.

I'm 48 years old. I suppose if I were in a tavern with the District 
Attorney and sold some drugs, and a trained police officer noticed it, he 
would then arrest the District Attorney? After all, the District Attorney 
has a lot more common sense then these kids at the rave (I hope). He should 
have noticed the drug sale!

In short, they were kids. While I can understand the police department's 
view about not sanctioning these events, they went way overboard. Give the 
kids a $35 fine for something, and let the matter drop.

Dave Wallen, Racine
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