Pubdate: Thu, 14 Nov 2002
Source: Log Cabin Democrat (AR)
Copyright: 2002 The Log Cabin Democrat
Author: Jeremy Gosnell, Conway:


Before both houses of Congress rests the rave act. Although, the proposed 
bill's intentions are honorable, banning an individual's right to assemble 
at a rave or events, as specified in Senate Bill 2633, is clearly a 
violation of the First Amendment.

Many citizens may think this issue is of no concern to them. However, the 
key word in the rave act is the one which will allow our government the 
ability to choose which venues, be it for a concert at Alltel Arena, night 
club such as Discovery or eatery such as Juanita's, are acceptable for the 

 From observation as a resident of Conway for 24 years, I have learned that 
this city has a voice which cannot be silenced. Allowing its victories to 
be the ones which caused Wal-Mart to change where it wanted to build, as 
did this town religious community persuade the Alcohol Board to turn down 
Outback's application for a liquor permit.

I beg of you, contact Vic Snyder, Tim Hutchinson, and Blanche Lambert 
Lincoln and become united in an attempt to let our law makers know that 
this proposed bill needs to be reworded before it is ever passed, and not 
to forget the citizens of Conway will not let government run over our freedoms.
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