Pubdate: Wed, 13 Nov 2002
Source: Pahrump Valley Times (NV)
Copyright: 2002 Pahrump Valley Times
Author: Johnny Walker
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Doug McMurdo's statement on page one of the November 8 issue of PV Times in 
an article titled "Conservative country" just rubs me the wrong way. He 
wrote:" and potheads were told unequivocally to look elsewhere for a place 
to light up without fear of arrest." Roughly one-third of Nevada voters 
voted for Question 9. I know one elderly couple who voted for it because 
they have a terminally ill son, and he may need to use it for pain someday. 
They have never smoked a joint in their life, nor are they gardeners and 
can raise their own, which is exactly what the law requires them to do now. 
Had Question 9 passed, you would be able to get it from a state run, taxed 
and regulated source. I find referring in a news story to all that voted 
for Question 9 as "potheads" insulting and very journalistically 
unprofessional. That is like a reporter covering a wine tasting event and 
referring to all that attended as drunks.

And why has Mr. McMurdo suddenly forgotten that page one of the paper is 
for news reporting? If you want to editorialize, Mr. McMurdo, please 
confine your comments to the editorial page. You handled the story of the 
former Public Administrator that way, and did it well.

Then maybe McMurdo was just having a bad day. Maybe he was filling out a 
resume so he could keep his job, working for the new owners of the PV 
Times, the Review Journal. Here's a tip Doug: the RJ endorsed a yes vote on 
Question 9. I would be real careful around them calling everyone in favor 
of Question 9 a pothead. Good jobs right now are hard to come by.


Johnny Walker
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