Pubdate: Sat, 16 Nov 2002
Source: Traverse City Record-Eagle (MI)
Copyright: 2002 The Traverse City Record-Eagle
Author: Melody A. Karr 


Judge Thomas Gilbert's remorse over smoking a joint at a Rolling Stones
concert is misplaced. Like thousands of other middle-aged men - good men, as
Judge Haley pointed out - he works hard all week and chose to relax on the
weekend with a relatively benign herb. Welcome to the human race, Your

What should rightfully cause him shame is his complicity in a system that
criminalizes people for such personal choices. If he takes the easy way now,
as foreshadowed in Judge Haley's remarks about substance abuse, and claims
that he was in the grip of some sort of marijuana addiction, then again
shame is his just reward. The only apology he truly owes the community is
for his hypocrisy in not speaking out against these unjust cannabis laws and
his willingness to sentence others who were not lucky enough to be officers
of the court when they were caught toking.

Melody A. Karr


Melody A. Karr is with the Michigan Cannabis Action Network
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