Pubdate: Sat, 30 Nov 2002
Source: Press Democrat, The (CA)
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Author: Alan Silverman


Editor: To Chief Mike Dunbaugh and Santa Rosa City
Council members:

In this large and complex world of politics and legalities, it is
becoming more difficult to effect positive change on society. One
almost feels helpless.

There is one thing we can do at the local level that will dramatically
increase the spiritual health and well-being of those sick and dying
patients who need the assistance of medicinal marijuana for personal
health reasons. We can, at the local level not change federal policy
but change local policy to not assist the feds in their inhumane
treatment of the sick and dying. We can instruct our local law
enforcement agencies to not inform federal agencies of local patients
using marijuana within the guidelines adopted by our Police Chiefs
Association. Our local police chiefs have signed an agreement allowing
physician approved patients to maintain small gardens and supplies
without fear of criminal prosecution. This is a good thing. Why ruin
it by turning people over to Drug Enforcement Agency officials?

It may seem like a small thing that really doesn't change laws, but
the resolution in front of our City Council will be instrumental in
helping local patients comply with state laws, avoiding unreasonable
federal prosecution.

Please, Chief Dunbaugh and Santa Rosa City Council members, endorse
the resolution keeping local medical marijuana patients out of reach
of the long arm of federal prosecutors. This is a local issue. Support
those who support you. Pass the resolution as is, just as Sebastopol
did. You will feel better for doing so.

Santa Rosa
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