Pubdate: Sat, 30 Nov 2002
Source: Boulder Weekly (CO)
Copyright: 2002 Boulder Weekly
Author: Chris Buors


John Kaluza's artful criticism of Libertarians ought not go
unchallenged ("Good riddance," letters, Nov. 21).

Ludwig von Mises was liberty's greatest champion of the past century.
Mises was the first person to prove socialism could never work because
economic calculations are impossible in a centrally planned economic
system. Chasing the almighty buck, it turns out, is the only reason
everybody gets out of bed and goes to work every day. Where the state
has tried to implement socialism, meaning getting up to go to work for
your neighbor's benefit, it seems the workers preferred to get drunk
rather than contribute to whatever utopia John Kaluza would like to
accomplish at the point of a gun. By the way, John, that's why
libertarians like to have guns, so we can fight back against those who
would embrace an immoral code of oppression.

Cannabis shops and whorehouses are the worst aspects of liberty and
represent the low end rather than a utopian libertarian ideal.
Libertarians recognize that in order to be free you have to let your
neighbor be free. That is a far cry from the mind-your-neighbors'-business
utopian socialist results delivered by the KGB and the Stazi, the
wealth redistributors he pines for. No sex and no drugs means the
Puritans are in charge of the guns. Too bad America no longer has the
field of honor where the John Kaluza's can be challenged if they think
they're man enough to take our sex or drugs away. It is cowardly
sending armed agents of the state to do the church's work rather than
using persuasion.

So now the choices are a little more clear. Free to smoke pot and have
sex with whomever we like or free to fear the pot and sex police. Hey
that's Amerika now, isn't it? Well the Nazi's thought they were free

Winnipeg, Manitoba
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