Pubdate: Sun,  1 Dec 2002
Source: North County Times (CA)
Contact:  2002 North County Times
Author: Matthew Brown
Bookmark: (Drug Testing)


Drugs have been a controversial topic for many years, especially how to deal
with the situation of drugs and drug use at school. Presently, schools are
allowed to randomly drug test any person in an extracurricular activity with
or without probable cause. I not only believe that this practice is uncalled
for but that it should be considered unconstitutional.

There is no reason to drug test students as long as they are not bringing
drugs to school and are not under the influence of an illegal drug on
campus. Drug testing is not only an invasion of privacy but could be
extremely embarrassing for the student. School is not voluntary, therefore
students should not have to shed their constitutional rights once they enter
the school campus.

What students do on their own time out of school should be no concern to the
schools. The act of using illegal drugs off campus does not hurt anybody at
the school so there is no reason to test for drugs and punish those who have
them in their system. Why turn the school officials into probation officers?
It is the job of parents to watch out for the well-being of their own child
and schools should just mind their own business.

Matthew Brown

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